The Problem:

The State of Illinois is in a financial downward spiral and has been for decades. While there are many causes, one primary contributor to the situation is failed political leadership. In neighboring states, governors and legislators are making bold moves to create business-friendly environments, while Illinois continues to make short-sighted, anti-business policy choices.

A thriving state economy, driven by entrepreneurship and stability, creates prosperity. However, in this state, instead of a focus on policy that encourages businesses to start, locate, and grow in Illinois, legislative and executive action continues to create an anti-business environment with high burdensome regulations and crippling taxes. Just as critical, from July 2017-2018 alone, over 45,000 residents, some even our own family or neighbors, fled Illinois for surrounding states, uprooting their families for a higher quality of life with a lower cost of living. They join the 157,000 others to relocate in just the past four years, making illinois one of eight states in the nation to lose residents. The result is companies and families relocating, unpaid bills, downgrades in ratings, and monstrous debt with no bold leadership solutions in sight. 

Illinois has the potential to once again be the jewel of economic prosperity in the Midwest. For this to happen, we need new leadership to step up and fight for the causes and policies that will reinvigorate Illinois’ financial standing.

The Solution:

We believe the path forward is clear: we need a long-term plan to foster a new generation of leadership in Illinois. This is the only way to reject the status quo and reverse the trend in Illinois.

NXTgen Illinois is stepping up with a long-term plan to fix our state. We are led by a dedicated team of experienced and connected professionals with diverse backgrounds from across Illinois. We all have something to fight for here in Illinois — a family, a home, a business, a dream, a community, a responsibility to make the future better than what we inherited. 

We are passionate about growing a better tomorrow by turning the tide to favor economic success and prosperity. To accomplish this, we are investing in the future leaders who will usher in Illinois’ comeback in the years to come.

We are preparing the next generation of leaders by instilling in them institutional knowledge, providing them real-world experiences that equip them with the skills they will need to tackle the problems our state faces, and guiding them as they grow into leadership positions.

Together, we will identify, develop, engage, and advance the next generation of leaders in Illinois who will fix our state and lead us forward.