We believe the path forward is clear: We need a long-term plan to foster a new generation of leadership in Illinois. 

This is the only way to reject the status quo and reverse the trend in Illinois. Our search for future leaders goes beyond the shallow surface level of past recruitment habits. Finding the fresh faces needed to provide the strongest possible representation for our communities will take extensive networks, significant time, and consistent resources.

To accomplish this mission, we are identifying and advancing leaders in the following three categories:

Elected Officials
Fresh candidates and political leaders with business and/or economic backgrounds

Advocate Leaders
Free market oriented young activists, policy leaders, and campaign personnel

Political Investors
The next generation of donors, board members, and investors in conservative causes

What We Provide:

Unique Experiences: We provide hands on experiences that help leaders learn the skills they need so they are properly prepared to be effective as they advance into positions of increasing influence.

Mentorship: Our experienced team of Board and Advisory Board Members provide personal attention and guidance to future leaders. Leaders are paired with mentors who have experience and connections relevant to their continued growth.

Advancement: We connect leaders with opportunities to grow their civic involvement and take on additional leadership responsibilities in their local community, county, and the state.

Networks: We help leaders build strong networks to support their continued growth and enhance their effectiveness by connecting them with other up-and-coming game changers from throughout the state.

Together, we will identify, develop, engage, and advance the next generation of leaders in Illinois who will fix our state and lead us forward.