NXTgen Illinois

Identifying and Advancing the Next Generation of Leaders in Illinois

NXTgen Illinois' Mission Statement:

-To identify young individuals with leadership potential as elected officials, advocate leaders, or political investors

-To develop these individuals by teaching them free market policies, training them on effective political activity, and cultivating their networking and communications abilities

-To engage these individuals by placing them in positions of leadership in their respective fields so they can gain experience and hone their skills

-To advance these individuals in their respective fields so they can continue to take on more responsibilities and higher positions of leadership in Illinois

NXTgen Illinois Application

Application to join NXTgen Illinois and take advantage of the exclusive opportunities designed to help Advocate, Candidate & Investor Recruits become NXTgen Illinois Leaders.

There is no cost or fundraising requirement to become a NXTgen Recruit; the only requirements are that the individual is right-of-center and has a desire to get and remain involved in politics long-term. Program participation is limited so all applications are reviewed carefully and applicants are interviewed prior to being accepted into the program.

Nomination from NXTgen Illinois Board Member or Leader required to be accepted into program.
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Advocate Leaders: Free market oriented young activists, policy leaders, and campaign personnel | Elected Officials: Fresh candidates and political leaders with business and/or economic backgrounds | Political Investors: The next generation of donors, board members, and investors in conservative causes
What characteristics, qualities, or beliefs do you look for in candidates when determining for whom you will vote in a given election?
If at all...political experience not required.
What brought you to this moment?
How do you plan on utilizing the knowledge, tools, experience and connections you gain from NXTgen Illinois?
Take this test (copy and paste link into new window): http://www.people-press.org/political-party-quiz/newshour/. Test responses are anonymous. Input results here.